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BENTSAI Original Inkjet Cartridges are only available for specialized Handheld Printers. If you would Like to purchase our ink cartridges, please purchase or be sure you have a Handheld Inkjet Printer BT-HH6105. Original Fast Dry Solvent Ink Cartridge BT-2580P can be widely used for varieties of industry applications, you can assemble it with the BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) (BT-HH6105B3) to print the production date, contact methods, product information, website address, serial number barcodes and any texts or graphics which you want to show on your products. 

  •  For use with BENTSAI Portable Handheld Mobile Inkjet Printer (BT-HH6105B2) (BT-HH6105B3).

  •  Print on: The Ink Cartridge BT-2580P is particularly suitable for any surface including a porous and non-porous substrate for printing such as wood, acrylic materials, aluminium, chinaware, cloth, paper, plastic, metal, fabric, glass, labels, leather and so on. If you have questions about printing materials, please contact us. 

  •  Use for:</