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The General IQ880-N 12.7 mm  Black Solvent Ink Cartridge is the solution for your printing needs. This solvent-based ink achieves brilliant versatility with high adaptability to weather and humidity, making it suitable for an array of printing projects. Moreover, it has a long decap time, ensuring long-lasting performance. The longer shelf life and superior adhesion make it stand out from other solvent inks for versatile use. Get uncompromising print quality and precision with the General IQ880-N!


General IQ880 is a solvent based black ink that achieves brilliant versatility with high adaptability to a wider range of humidity. In addition, this ink has a longer Decap time, longer shelf life, and more excellent adhesion compared with existing solvent ink targeted for versatile use.


Target substrate - PE / OPP / PP / PET / PA / PS /AL / Paper / ABS / PMMA etc.

General IQ880-N 12.7 mm Black Solvent Ink Cartridge

SKU: IQ880
₹6,000.00 Regular Price
₹5,000.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Firing Voltage: 8.8V
    Pulse Width: 1.8μsecV
    Pulse Warming: OFFV
    Max Frequency: 12kHzV
    Shelf Life: 12 monthsV
    Storage Temp: 15-35℃ (59-95゜F)

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